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If you only knew how many ultra-high-end vaporizers I’ve received (thank you) to test over the last months. It’s a little overwhelming quite frankly to have so much high-priced technology at my disposal when a simple stonedware pipe and a supply of hemp cordage is usually my go/to. But in the deepening cavern that is my equipment closet and the utter mass of so much expensive technology that graces my home, one of the most impressively designed ones, at least from a pure design standpoint is the VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer. It’s a lot of words to name a hardly inconspicuous machine, that is if you don’t place the expansive and expensive-looking glass rig on board. Then you’d just have the plug-in base and that’s only part of the overall fun!

The VapeXhale is something to ogle at indeed. Your friends will go crazy over the lines. Sleek and high-tech, it’s far from a typical dorm-room bong and not as intimidating as an intricate and fragile dab rig, which reminds me of something that Richard Pryor would have played around with, if it wasn’t for the internal combustion situation that came from fire. That is just this old mind thinking and it is not a place that you want to go. At any rate, the Cloud EVO is pretty serious business, as it is safe. No fire or blow torch needed for take-off. The first time I tried it I had not viewed any of the YouTube videos that more than explain what to do in a simple and forthright fashion. I took a seemingly gargantuan first time hit and it was literally unpleasant physically to say the very least. I imagine if the end-user has some terminal illness, that the Cloud EVO would more than accomplish the goal, it’s that potent. For myself, I do have a medical reason to use it, but for my old-school methodology, it was just way too powerful for me the first time out. It took many turns before I was able to relax and enjoy the draw potency and the overall quality. I think that less is DEFINITELY more. Take Thai food spicing for your example. No one eats their Thai dinner five star spicy the first time around. Take it slowly, there is no rush nor is there too little of a draw. Start tiny, and then work your way up from there. Don’t be that person like me!

The idea of using a vaporizer is supposed to be gentler on your mouth, gums and throat- then eventually the supercharged vapor makes its way to the lungs. All of this happens very quickly as I found out with unique results.

In my case, I got utterly destroyed. To some this may sound like a challenge to the young and strong of lung capacity, but to myself it was something I had never experienced prior. Being that I’m seriously “Old School” it was something that I tried to make believe that I liked it. So I fumbled my way a couple more times and it just didn’t make sense to me, not everything is good for everyone it seemed at the time. Patience was necessary!

That’s not saying that this ultra-high-end product that vaporizes dried herb or concentrates as easily as scrambling an egg into an omelette is difficult. Far from, because once I mastered the art of volume and mass, it made complete sense that this vaporizer should be in the price realm, just shy of $500 dollars. Yes, that’s gourmet territory. When you are a financial success, far beyond your imagination of your dismal past when you smoked out of a grimy looking bong, filled with a fetid liquid of an uncertain provenance and aroma. You want to experience something that none of your less successful friends own, this is the kind you’ve been looking for! I’ve used it, numerous times with our New Jersey State approved medical cannabis and the verdict is always a win for the VapeXhale.


The unit heats up in something like two minutes. It cleans up so very easily, just like a hot knife through ice cold butter, too. Super-easy. And have I told you that the supercharged internal mechanism offers an experience that brings the patient to another place entirely? This is ultra-high-end, sophisticated technology. Some of the best I’ve seen to date. The learning curve was a bit long, at least for me as it takes time and patience- and lots of material (which I didn’t have much of) to master the VapeXhale. Perhaps if I knew a younger person who had a legitimate medical reason to utilize this amazing technology and to show me how to use it most efficiently, then I would feel better about the whole experience. Trial and error is difficult for people who weren’t raised on dab-rigs and really don’t know about the technology or the raw materials necessary for use. I’m confident that with coming cannabis legalization efforts in New Jersey that the entire process of securing concentrates wouldn’t be quite so onerous.  The situation is not what I’d call friendly for the acquisition of the specific type of concentrated raw materials, far from acceptable right now!

But that wouldn’t be fair to surmise any of this if you lived in a cannabis legal state. The raw materials are readily available and certainly are experienced best within the Mid-Century Modern designed VapeXhale. You’d want to run out to the nearest dispensary and find a nice wax or an expensive and delicious sauce to add to the glass inner sleeve. The whole process takes well under five minutes with gorgeous end results. It’s exciting to know that the very best is only as far away as the internet! 



This article originally appeared on  Forbes