Immigrant Entrepreneur Still Pinches Himself at How Far His Accomplishments Have Taken H

No matter who you are or where you come from, we all have grown into the people we are today through challenge and change. Growth and change is a reality of life; billionaires, high school dropouts, college students, and everyone in between face this fact.

This was the case for Noy Nakhonphet growing up.

To pursue growth and change productively, you’re going to have to overcome challenges in shifting from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. These challenges may be situational. You grew up in poverty or lack positive role models, or mental .You struggle to believe that you can do or be, all that you want.

Noy’s life wasn’t simply hard, during his high school years he was constantly bullied because of his accent, making him feel like he didn’t fit in.

“Growing up I was living in the projects with my mom and six brothers and one day I was beat up by members of the gang of the area because I didn’t want to join”.

It was so daunting and discouraging that he dropped out of high school in 9th and joined a group of friends from a better area, did drugs at a very young age, and got in trouble with the law several times.

“In school, you learned about math, science and other technical stuff, but you were never taught how to get out of situations like poverty or how to have the right mindset and work towards your dreams, and that is what I was looking for, being able to have that one opportunity and live a different life.” Noy found that by hanging out with his friends, who showed him a life outside the projects.  

Despite having a troubled childhood, he knew that he wanted more. One day he came across “How Successful People Grow,” opening his eyes to new possibilities. It was definitely the beginning of a life-long personal development journey.

Few months later, he started working at a hardwood flooring company, “I wanted to do something meaningful for my life, I wanted to have that life, being able to afford a beautiful life and a beautiful house, and why not? If they could, I can, and that was my motivation, being able to see how close I was to accomplish it, made me want to work harder” said Noy who has been in the business for 20 years. Founded his company Noy’s Hardwood Floor, and recently launched his own brand of scrapers that helps workers get a better finish with half of the work.  

Noy’s passion and drive is evident when speaking to him. His energy is contagious. 

And if  there is one important lesson in life that Noy has learned, is this:

No matter where you come from, how hard life was growing up, if you keep pushing forward, you will eventually find success.