Sergio Bruna Is The Grant Cardone Of Latinos

It doesn’t take much for one to notice Sergio Bruna. His presence & skills are simply powerful. Whether he’s on stage or sitting at a conference table, Sergio’s energy will motivate you to get things done. 

In the coming weeks, the motivational speaker, business trainer and Latino celebrity is set to launch his newest sales program titled “The Encyclopedia of Sales, with the goal of empowering Latinos across the globe and show them that it is time to stop waiting and take over their own future.

Sergio has a way of transmitting his message and make sure that it sticks with you. Whether in English or Spanish, this bilingual entrepreneur understands the power of communications and how effective it can be.

Bruna, originally from Spain, understood from a very early age that being persistent makes the difference. The secret to achieving goals, no matter the size, the reason or the path, is to never give up.

However, Mr. Bruna did not always have an easy life. Years before his massive success in the entertainment and energy sector, he experienced a considerable amount of failures.

 “Being homeless twice before turning 20 was difficult. The feeling of not having anything else you can lose can be a horrifying situation, with no backup plan and, in many cases, without a support system, you have to find a way to survive and make it happen.” he shared.

It was his love for entertainment and television that brought him to discover an important gap in the Latin-American market in the United States: the lack of Late Night television content.

Keeping this in mind, Mr. Bruna decided to take matters into his own hands and produce and host what would later become the best night talk show program for Latinos in the United States, known as “El Pelado de la Noche”.

The Late Night Talk proved to be very successful with impressive ratings across the National U.S. Market. 

After the show’s massive success, Bruna decided to get into a new business venture and put his charming, powerful attitude towards the Renewable Energy Sector, focused on selling key products for the industry. To this date, he has sold over 600 million dollars to the renewable energy industry.

Now, having gathered all the experience and success, Mr. Bruna, also known as “The Latino Grant Cardone” for his abilities to teach & motivate millions of Latinos across the world, is looking to empower the next generation of Latno in his upcoming bilingual online sales course, “The Encyclopedia of Sales”, set to be launched at the end of Jly 2019.

 “Most opportunities I’ve had in my life were obtained by knowing what to say and when to say it, and that’s the most important thing in sales. People think that selling is only the process of buying goods, but the truth is this process is used in our daily lives.” he shared.

 “It does not matter if you are in the middle of a work interview or if you are looking for a business partner, or even looking for the love of your life. At the end of the day, it is all sales.” added Mr. Bruna.

To Sergio, the idea of developing an online sales platform started from the idea that all entrepreneurs make mistakes, especially at the beginning of their journey.

Having made a good number of mistakes, he wanted to look for a way to help those millions of entrepreneurs and people who wish to succeed in this path all around the world, and mitigate their learning curves and allow them to be successful in the end.

Bruna’s advice? Whether you are trying to become a successful entrepreneur, collaborate with the main leaders of your field, write the next top-selling book, or simply finding the love of your life, you will have to master the world of sales.

For more information on how to obtain the Encyclopedia of Sales, click here.

This article originally appeared on Future Sharks.