If You Love Cars, Daily Driven Exotics Will Become Your Social Media Addiction

David Thomas Coulter and his partner run Daily Driven Exotics (DDE), the largest automotive entertainment content producer in the world. With almost 3 million followers between YouTube and Instagram, DDE rules the world of supercars.

David Thomas Coulter was born in a small town where his father owned a Home Hardware store. There, he would stock shelves after school for just $1.00 per hour, when he was very young. When David was 10, his older brother passed away, which sent the family into a whirlwind. His mother and sister moved to England, while he moved with his father to a small island. David’s father was also an entrepreneur, and in 1993 he opened a bottled water company.

“This was back when people scoffed at the idea of buying water in a bottle. Yet, he ventured that way anyway.” David says.

After high school, David decided not to go to university and figure out a way to make money on his own. He worked his way up at Pizza Hut and then worked for 12 years at Starbucks. He had a few small businesses in the meantime, but nothing that he wanted to dedicate himself fully to. Until he met his current partner, Damon Fryer in late 2016.

“While visiting one of my stores, I saw a black Ferrari in the parking lot and I saw my now business partner, Damon Fryer. Damon had been very successful in online marketing and had started a YouTube channel called ‘Daily Driven Exotics’. After a few months of discussion, he offered me an equity stake in the business.” David shares.

David decided to quit his six figure corporate job, believing with all his heart that this new venture was going to work. Flash forward to 2019, now they have 1.9 million subscribers in YouTube with a total of 350 million views and a combined 1 million followers on Instagram.

“We have built the largest automotive entertainment company on the planet, and we have built a seven figure business.” David says.

The motivation behind DDE, for David, was his desire to travel the world and own supercars. David had always loved cars, and he had always wanted to own a Lamborghini, but to do so he had to make lots of money. He was always good at entertaining people, so content creation was a good bet for him.

“Mindset is imperative when starting a business. It’s as simple as this: if you think you can or if you think you can’t – you are right.” David advises.

After years in various industries and after having found success in the social media and entertainment world, David has another advice for business owners: not to share your plans.

“People will either discourage you or celebrate you. If they celebrate you, they are giving you a reward you haven’t earned yet.” David reflects.

On the other side, if they discourage you, it is easier for fear to increase and keep you from doing things. For David, fear is 99% not real — it just represents limiting beliefs that we accept as truths because it seems normal.

Now that David is an automotive entertainment personality, he has found true success, which for him means waking up and being able to do whatever he wants. But this was not easy. One of the biggest challenges for David was putting himself in front of people, filming in public, and having his face out there. But thankfully, it all worked out.

DDE differentiates itself from its competition because they invest hours and hours interacting with their followers and fans. They focus on creating highly engaging content in their niche, rather than content that is just for show.

David’s next projects include pursuing TV opportunities and launching a podcast with Daily Driven Exotics, as well as starting his personal brand through a personal YouTube channel. To follow David’s path forward, go here, and to look at supercars in a way you have never seen them before, go here.