Cory Jean is a Fearless Business Coach: Find Out Why You Need One

Most businesses nowadays fail if they have the wrong foundation or if the business owner does not have the right mindset. Business mentoring is the only way to tackle this head on.

Cory Jean is runs a commercial asset management and business coaching business. He is also the creator of Powercredit(tm), which is a system used to grow a company’s sales volume while guaranteeing that cash flow is steady and protected.

Cory joined the credit business right after graduating college with a degree in finance and business studies. He worked hard and rose to the top of some of the biggest credit firms in the United States. After some years, he built his own very successful company, which was recognized as the top recovery company in the world for more than a decade.

“After running that company and recovering hundreds of millions of dollars for clients, I realized that my true passion was directly helping companies change and expand their credit departments to not only collect more money in-house but also have the confidence to extend more credit, which in turn grew their sales.” Cory shares.

Cory’s mission and what motivated him to get started with his business is helping others solve big problems and helping them succeed instead of failing. In fact, Cory claims that he first got into this industry because he realized he was “good at it, and because of my desire to help people who are struggling.”

For Cory, mindset is everything when it comes to starting a business. He argues that without 100% desire, nothing will happen–there will be no results. In addition, he has very practical advice for those looking to start their own business.

“Learn how to do marketing and sales, get a good Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and get a great business coach.” Cory advises.

Throughout his career, he has had to overcome multiple challenges such as struggling to create an adequate business plan that includes marketing, sales, operations and delivery. Just so, there are other challenges such as fear.

“Fear of failure will guarantee that you fail. You have to be fearless if you want to succeed.” Cory stresses.

Moreover, success for Cory means being able to make enough money to support and help his family, and building and managing a company that helps others. The goal is to be able to afford your freedom.

“Financial freedom is being able to live my dream lifestyle and still being able to help others.” Cory says, having achieved financial stability, which as a child growing up poor was unimaginable. “I grew up poor and the biggest obstacle I had to overcome was getting rid of the mentality that comes with that.”

Cory’s next objective is to take his mission and message and share it with the world. He is already doing this through his YouTube channel, and through the many tips he has shared on his website. While doing this, he will continue to do everything in his power to bring real value to his clients.

“I hold myself accountable to always provide more value than expected. Trust is hard to get and easy to lose. So be honest with everyone above all else.” Cory concludes.

To follow Cory’s journey, you can go here.