Meet Fahad Rajput: The Entrepreneur Disrupting An Entire Industry

When you hear the word Private Equity, you typically imagine yachts, private jets and parties enjoyed by an exclusive group of people with 10-figure bank balances. The firm Blacklist Capital was created to challenge that notion and bring real estate development deals in competitive markets to the average investor. Led by an ambitious millennial who is the son of immigrant entrepreneurs, Blacklist Capital has continued to demonstrate itself as a force in private equity and shows no signs of slowing down.

Fahad Rajput, CEO of Blacklist Capital, epitomizes entrepreneurship, starting his first business at the age of 15. Now awarded by the Town of Hempstead for his achievements and contributions, Fahad is an active member of the Air Force Auxiliary and a Chaplain. As a regular lecturer in entrepreneurship, Mr. Rajput believes in empowering other millennials and helping them overcome the hurdles he did on his path to the founding of Blacklist Capital.

“I began as a managerial accountant for a wholesale company and was soon after hired as the managing director of a real estate fund at the age of 20 – a great opportunity that I am still thankful for to this day.” Fahad says.

Fahad eventually left the fund and continued venturing in entrepreneurship, even having a healthcare management firm at one point. Nonetheless, he would eventually return to real estate, as it is his true passion. This time, he created Blacklist Capital, a private equity firm focused on real estate development open to investors of all financial backgrounds and experience levels.

“I was motivated by the fact I had been told that the only ways to be successful was to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer.” Fahad shares. “I hope to continue to show the world how the cookie-cutter key to success we have all been taught is a narrow-minded approach, and that people are inherently capable of greatness outside socially acceptable norms.”

In fact, Fahad himself struggled with social norms when he started his business, as many saw his age as a detriment. He was under the average age of people doing what he was doing, which translated to some as a lack of experience. But this also worked for his advantage, as it helped force people to step outside of their perceived norms, and inspired many to collaborate with Fahad once he proved himself as a force in the industry.

“It’s no secret that real estate is the key to wealth. But this wealth was historically available only to certain people. Blacklist Capital is looking to change that, and bring those same deals available to the average person.” Fahad says. “This also provides a vehicle for freedom – something arguably more valuable than money.”

According to Fahad, real estate provides investors with an appreciating asset for their backed capital, and it gives him peace of mind knowing he can provide his clients with the highest returns with the least amount of risk.

Real estate has allowed Fahad to have control over his life. His biggest fear is having little to no control. He believes every person is capable of greatness and should not be restrained from their full potential. This is why Fahad, through Blacklist Capital, has become a solution for the financial security of others.

“Success is the freedom to choose how you want to live your life without the worry of finances or other restraints.” Fahad thinks.

Fahad recalls the anxiety when he first accepted investor money. It was the anxiety of being responsible for someone else’s finances – a duty he took very seriously and still does to this day. After he exceeded expectations on his first deal, he knew he had the ability to take this big. He is grateful for the trust his initial investors placed in him and continues to provide the same level of care despite the rapid growth.

“Those initial investors were my childhood friends and family so the stakes were very high. The brightness in the eyes of people that believed in me then and continue to do so now as we were cutting their distribution checks still resonates with me.” Fahad remembers. 

When asked about what differentiates Fahad from other people, he stated that although he is not smarter than everyone else, he works harder than everyone else because he believes he owes it to himself and to everyone who works with him.

“I strive to create a relationship with everyone I meet. I truly enjoy befriending people and that creates a higher level of duty for me personally to make sure that they succeed, because then I, in turn, succeed too. Accordingly, I genuinely care about everyone that works with me and see their collaboration with me, as a token of their trust.” Fahad says.

Although considered by many as an expert in his field, Fahad believes that learning is a lifelong process. He continues to keep learning through regular reading, seminars and networking events. He has large aspirations for the future of Blacklist Capital. Their next projects include raising a larger amount of capital to purchase bulk portfolios and provide even larger returns to their investors through Blacklist Capital. To learn more about Fahad and his company, you can follow his Instagram here.