Using His Athletic Talents To Create A Successful Business: How 2x Olympian Jayson Jones Wants to Help Athletes And Their Circle Of Influences With Their Credit And Finances

Jayson Jones has gone from Olympic Track Star representing the beautiful country of Belize to a seasoned entrepreneur who helps athletes manage and track their finances. Relying on skills that he used as an athlete along with his belief system, Jayson founded his own accounting and consulting firm. 

“I saw that there was a need for financial literacy as well as money management within our community. And around every athlete was a village of people who had very little financial knowledge of wealth or finances. But these very people were the ones who had the most influence over the athletes. So I founded an accounting and consulting firm. Beside the full suite of accounting services, the primary focus is financial literacy and consulting services. Our financial literacy program centers around credit restoration and debt elimination; as well as money management services using a fundamental budget tool,” shared Jayson.

“When I transitioned from World Class athlete to business owner and entrepreneur, my goals remained the same. Strive to be the very best at what I’m doing AND help as many people as possible be their very best as well. My focus and determination are second to none. One of my unique skill sets is that I process things very fast, which makes me a fast learner,” he shared.

Being a former world class athlete, my mindset, focus and resilience help me overcome many obstacles that my business may encounter. My dedication to my clients success is my #1 priority. Impacting and changing lives is a key element to my business model.” adds Jayson.

Jayson started his business to improve money management and financial literacy of all, but specifically for athletes. Though athletes are paid well, it can be very difficult for them to manage their money. And trusting someone to do this is equally as challenging as well. Jayson wants to change the way athletes think about their money. And their overall relationship and respect to money as well. 

“Athletes tend to have an extremely challenging time handling and managing their money. My goal has always been to empower and educate athletes in financial literacy. In my upcoming book, “Meet me at the Line!” I teach athletes a step by step process to live within their means, leverage who they are and what they have already accomplished, focus on life AFTER sports. Basically plan for the END in the beginning. Strategy is key and I’m a master at that.” Says Jayson. 

Jayson has struggled with his own personal and financial challenges during his athletic career. They came at a very high point in his life. These struggles hampered his business in the beginning. But with his insatiable work ethic and belief in himself, Jayson was able to get back on track and become even more successful than ever before. 

“The biggest obstacle in my life that I’ve had to overcome thus far was actually like a two in one. I had the high of qualifying for and competing in my second Summer Olympic Games. Not advancing to through the rounds was a major career let down knowing all the hard work and preparation we put into getting to the Games. At the same time, my marriage was falling apart and eventually ended in divorce. These back to back failures really tested my faith, my courage, and my overall mental strength. I had to overcome the feeling of failure in my sport as well as the failure in my private life as well. In the early stages of the separation, I felt like a disappointment to my sons. My parents have been married almost 50 years, so when I got a divorce, there were all types of emotional scars and hurts that had been hindering my personal and professional growth. As time passed, I realized that chapter of my life ended and led me to this new and exciting chapter of my life. The part of life where I have found joy, peace and happiness. My sons are very much proud of me and I have an amazing and beautiful fiance, who I would have never met had I not gone through those dark days.” Remembers Jayson. 

What helped get Jayson get through those tough times was his mindset. Balancing business and life can be very difficult. Jayson says that a solid mindset and belief in yourself is needed to get through it all. This has been Jayson’s secret sauce to success. His mentality is fierce and locked and focused on ultra success. 

“Mindset is everything. Starting a business is very challenging and demanding. Having resolve and determination are keys to success in business. Trusting yourself is important. When you step, step in confidence! Even if it doesn’t work out as planned, at least you had the courage to try. Enjoy learning. Believe that all it takes is ONE TIME to get it right and life as you know it changes. The world that you desire is one step, one choice, or one yes, away. So be relentless in your pursuit of it,” Recommends Jayson. 

Jayson plans to keep working on his business and expanding it to help not only more athletes, but more of the everyday people. They need just was much education and information as the athletes do. He hopes that by working further on this goal that he can grant people more financial freedom. Jayson believes that financial freedom is the best way to enjoy life. 

“My next project I am focusing on is building up my financial literacy programs based on credit restoration and debt elimination. The goal is to help as many people achieve financial success by helping them increase their credit score, all while helping them eliminate debt. This will ultimately help them experience the true joys of life.” States Jayson. 

If you want to learn more about Jayson Jones, you can follow him on instagram @iamjaysonjones, and you can check out his website at howtowin101.com.