From Homelessness To A Thriving Investment Empire, HoodEstates Teaches Others How Achieve Financial Freedom

Where you are raised significantly impacts the outcome of your life. Fortunately for Paki Judson, and his wife Kersaunder Holmes affectionately known as “Sandy”, the hood of Liberty City gave them the lessons to prepare them for their future success. Now the Judsons are thriving entrepreneurs who  help others become the same.

“We are a family who grew up in the hood of Liberty City in Miami, Florida so the odds were stacked against us. Growing up our neighborhood was rough, and like most hoods it was full of violence, drugs and poverty that continue today. However, greatness is grown in the hood. And we wanted to be different. We had to do different things and change the way we thought. Instead of regretting the challenges and the bumps, we decided to allow them to fuel us for change. By trusting our journey, we overcame those challenges. We knew it wouldn’t be easy and made the decisions to press forward!” says Sandy.

In 2013, the Judsons started a real estate investment company that later was branded Hoodestates, the moniker they are popularly known for, followed by a trucking company a year later. HoodEstates success as a passive trucking and real estate business eventually transformed into classes teaching the ins and outs of both businesses to people interested in investing.

Paki explained, “ Over the past 15+ years, we have been involved with the sales and purchases of multi-million dollars in real estate transactions, including well over 300 doors of residential and commercial properties; from deals as small as vacant lots to a 170 unit hotel. In addition, we have a rehab/construction company, and a property management company. Six years ago we started a trucking company and have several trucks that bring in passive income monthly. From our trucking success we developed a great digital product to teach others how to become successful investors in the trucking business passively. This means no Driving, no Dispatching, and no day to day Operations. We try to lead by example and teach others how to free their minds, time, and reclaim their lives back through financial freedom. We believe anyone can grow into successful entrepreneurs, financial lenders, business owners, real estate investors, and so much more. We desire to share as much of our knowledge and experiences with others, so that they can become wealth builders for their families. We are proof it’s possible to use your success to reach back and build your community, somebody needs us and our stories!!” Exclaims Paki.

Having experienced incredible success in both endeavors, Paki and Sandy agree that the key to being successful in starting your own business is mentorship. “Budding entrepreneurs need to have a good mentor who is willing to support them through the challenges that will come up with owning a business” Sandy explains.

“If you’ve trying to start your own business, our advice would be to get a mentor. Get with someone that will help guide you through the process. Get as much knowledge on that industry or that business and just jump or dive into it. You have to do it. A lot of people talk about it, but you have to actually take action. A worse case scenario might be that you lose some money, but you would have learned a lesson. It’s never really a loss but a lesson” advises Paki.

This advice is not given without an experience or two behind it. In 2008, the Judson family lost their home and became homeless with their three children. Despite their circumstance they were not deterred. They kept fighting and pushing to where they now have an investment empire that allows them to enjoy their lives and time as they see fit. Paki says his greatest competition is himself and that is why he is always trying to get better.

“To be honest, we don’t try to look at others as competition because the only true competition is ourselves. One of our best characters is our authenticity. We standout  because of our uniqueness so the pressure of unhealthy competition is removed,” says Paki.

To find out more about Hoodestates, you can check out their instagram @hoodestates or their website at The website also contains links to Paki’s trucking business classes as well.