Helping Businesses Adapt To The New Digital World Of Covid: This Is Jaiden Vu’s Main Goal

Jaiden Vu is unlike many other entrepreneurs. He came from a background of little to no money growing up unlike many others in the business world. He wanted to get more from his life by doing things that allowed him to gain financial freedom.

“My backstory is that I was a corporate chef turned accidental entrepreneur all because I wanted more freedom to myself and live the lifestyle I found more attractive. We were not well off. I’d always carry a lot of jealousy and resentment towards other families that were well off and because of that, I declared that someway, somehow I was going to get a taste of that lifestyle,” Jaiden says.

For Jaiden, one of the most important pieces of his success was finding the correct mentor to guide him. He had very little support and other people to lean on, so instead he found a mentor who could help him navigate the financial world. His mentors did not take the traditional form though. Instead of people, he found guidance and mentorship in books on business.

“I never really had a mentor figure to help guide me through this journey but books became the closest thing I had to a guide,” says Vu. The first book I picked up actually was How To Think And Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, and that has tremendously helped me be in the position I am in today. That book built my early foundations that I still stick to till this day,” Jaiden states.

Now, Jaiden is the founder of an incredible digital branding business known as Black Peached. His customers include all different kinds of people and businesses. His goal is to help customers as much as possible to make sure that their brand is out there. Despite the success that is now apparent for all to see, Jaiden struggled for a bit and had to overcome many obstacles as he primarily works on small businesses.

“There are many challenges to taking on a client with a fairly small business, but the one that stands out the most is simply trust. Black Peached focuses on crafting trust with our customers even long before they become a customer — and even after. We want to be as informative and transparent as possible to our customers, so we will walk them through the beginning, middle, and end process of how we can help and where their business can be situated after the work we’ve produced. All of our attention is on servicing our customers to the best of our ability to earn their complete trust. Without their trust, it would be very tough to guide our customers along the way,” Jaiden remarks.

For Jaiden, he has achieved success and this means that he finally gets to spend more time with the people that matter to him without worrying about all of the little things when money is an obstacle in life.

Success to me means many things but so far, along my journey in life- I have now defined success as the ability to spend more time with loved one’s while working less but making more. A mentor of mine once told me, “If you can’t take a vacation from your career and make the same, it’s not a business it’s a hobby”. That still rings true to me every day as my goal is not to work everyday in my business but to have it work for me while I dive into other things I love in my life,” Jaiden comments.

For his next projects, Jaiden will be continuing to help companies brand and adapt to the new challenges imposed by the pandemic. Businesses need to adapt to the circumstances and those that have, are now wildly successful.

“It’s important now, in light of COVID-19, that any and all businesses have a strong e-commerce presence as most customers have now adapted to an online shopping mentality. If businesses can dominate e-commerce, all the while having a brick-and-mortar retail, they won’t be putting all their eggs in one basket – less exposure to their bottom line,” Jaiden explains.

To find out more about Jaiden, you can check out Black Peached here. You can also check him out on instagram here.