As A Kid From Detroit, Not Much Was Expected Of Bucky Rogerz. He Changed All Of This By Becoming An Entrepreneur In Multiple Businesses

Bucky Rogerz survived a difficult upbringing to become a successful entrepreneur in multiple business realms. Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Bucky could have been just another statistics. Instead, he overcame these challenges to become who he is today.

“I’m an artist and entrepreneur from Detroit, MI. I do music, I have a clothing line and I also have businesses that range from vending machines to real estate. I’m unique because I’ve had a hard upbringing but I survived that to be able to leave a legacy and encourage my community in business and doing what it takes to be successful. I’m a hard worker, I’m determined to succeed and my business, work ethic and personality are all a reflection of what I’ve been through and where I come from: Detroit, MI,” Bucky recounts.

Bucky’s success in numerous industries is proof that he is an entrepreneur like no other. While many people can be good in one industry, Bucky utilized his passions and hard work to become an expert in multiple industries.

“I’ve always loved music and the hip hop industry. I’m a laid back person and my style in music and clothing reflects that. I’ve also studied how the rich become rich and it’s by passive income and real estate, which is why I invest in vending machines, stocks and real estate,” Bucky says.

Bucky struggled with many obstacles in his path. He was running a business and working a nine to five at the same time. He had very little time for himself and others. He also struggled with numerous friends and family who did not believe in his dream or ability to achieve success. Despite all of these obstacles, Bucky was able to overcome the difficulties and ensure that his business took off.

“The biggest challenge when starting a business is persevering the trials and obstacles that come with working for yourself. Working on a business is time consuming, especially when you have a 9-5 and school also. It’s also hard dealing with family and friends who don’t believe in you, spending your own money to get your business off the ground and learning by trial and error on how things should run. The biggest obstacle I’ve overcome is getting over the fear of what other people think of me and being able to put myself out there. It’s scary but it’s necessary to build your brand. Also, it has been really difficult building my business in a pandemic but it has made me stronger and I’ve learned lessons that will only make me stronger for the future,” explains Bucky.

What made him successful is being unique from the other people around him and those in the same industry as Bucky. He was willing to work hard and push himself more to achieve his success. This is what made him more successful and better than those around him. His ability to persevere and work hard is unlike any other.

“I’m different from my competition because I’m willing to do what it takes to be successful and willing to teach others the same. Most companies want to be successful and be the only ones. I’m not scared to share what I’ve learned and learn from those doing better than I am,” Bucky states.

His projects for the coming year consists of building and bettering his personal brand. His advice for others who want to get involved in the same business is to do their research and make sure that they understand the industry they are getting involved in.

Do the research and understand the industry. If you can, get a mentor and be willing to put the work in. Lastly, be prepared to make it a priority. You will not have a lot of free time so work on being efficient and making the most out of the hours you have to work on your business,” Bucky advises.

To find out more about Bucky, you can follow him on Instagram @buckyrogerz.