Entrepreneur John Malott Builds a New Movement to Empower The Next Generation

From a 10th grade dropout to making 100’s millions of dollars and helping others achieve their dreams, John Malott is arguably one of the most recognizable motivational speakers and entrepreneurs in The United States.

World-renowned influencer and entrepreneur John Malott has proven that success can be achieved by anyone who’s willing to work hard at it.

Malott who has owned many companies, from restaurants, nightclubs, a publishing and entertainment company, insurance, real estate, skin care, coaching, and much, recently decided to focus on his latest project called ‘Build Your Empire’ which showcases world-class entrepreneurs and provides guidance, content, products, and services which includes their own podcast for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

“What is most interesting is how this idea to showcase and help the next generation of entrepreneurs has now turned into a real “movement,” said Malott. A community of like-minded people supporting, encouraging, coaching, even investing in each other, it’s amazing,” added Malott.

Malott who has not being afraid of sharing his own journey, shows how his perspective has changed throughout the years and, this new project has given the purpose he has been looking for.

To John Malott, at the beginning, his journey was all about success, which meant adding value to self. Then it became about significance, which meant adding value to others. Now it’s about legacy, which means leaving this world a better place than how he found it.

Creating an impact that his children’s children will benefit from. Teaching entrepreneurship to the next generation, using entrepreneurship to solve social problems. Investing resources in the entrepreneurs that will create social change, this is what John Malott and the Build Your Empire brand is all about.

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