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Google Is Shutting Down Google+ After A Secret Potential Data Leak. Here’s A Profit Lesson Behind It

I’m sure you remember earlier in March this year, when Facebook was in the news every day. Remember the whole Cambridge Analytica data leak scandal?

What happened was that a company called Global Science Research (GSR) developed a Facebook app. It collected the data of people who gave permission and used the app. That’s ok and is allowed.

[Full disclosure: I’m the founder of a revenue growth firm so my opinions may be biased because our advice for clients, uses the ‘allowed’ type of data (that is mentioned in this article).]

However, this app also collected the data of all the friends of people who used the app. The friends didn’t give permission to share their data, so that should not be allowed. But Facebook did allow it, so they got in trouble.

The strange truth is that the news was actually reported more than two years earlier.

So up until February of 2018, no one really cared.

It turns out that the information behind your Facebook likes can be used to predict your race, with 95% accuracy. Your Facebook likes are also great indicators of your political preferences, with 85% accuracy.


This article originally appeared on FORBES