Meet Alejandro Rioja: The Young Entrepreneur Behind The Success Of Flux Chargers

Alejandro Rioja is the mastermind and founder behind Flux Chargers, the best selling portable charger in over 90 countries. He came from Bolivia to study Computer Science at UCLA. He started Flux during his Junior year and grew it to $110k/mo in revenue. 

He currently works on the Growth team at Samsara. He also owns nine blogs that get a combined 300k visitors each month.  In his spare time, Alejandro enjoys rapping as @YoungSlacker, and trading stocks. 

“I treat my life like a business and set OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) for myself every year, quarter and month. I have a great accountability network of mentors and friends that I check in with almost daily,” he explains. 

How Flux got started

Alejandro was looking for a way to pay for his college tuition when the idea to sell a portable charger arised. “Legend has it that in Spring 2015, my co-founder Miles Anthony and I went to a party on a Thursday night after a long day at UCLA. Since I had been out of my apartment for the whole day, my phone battery died quickly at the party. When someone handed me a charger to charge my phone I noticed how bulky and awkward the charger was and wondered if we could come up with a better solution for a portable charger. This is what started Flux Chargers. Miles, being a great designer and having connections in China, was the missing link to our company. The rest, they say, is history,” he tells. 

Alejandro and his business-partner Miles quickly realized that the then-current portable charger market was missing something. From here came the idea to sell a product that was sleek and well-priced. They decided to distribute their product through online channels (SEO, PR) where it took off and was an instant hit.

Now, The Flux Portable Charger comes with built-in cables for both iPhone and Android, and has received great press, including a #1 worldwide rank by Yahoo Tech, Digital Trends, Engadget and others. 

Insane work-ethic

Alejandro really enjoys what he does. This is what compels him to spend almost all of his day working on his dreams. He is truly passionate about what he is building and passionate about sharing it with the world. 

When asked about how he learns new skills, he mentioned: ”People overestimate the time it takes to learn a skill and thus are fearful to learn. Any entrepreneur should be honing his or her skills and learning new ones on a daily basis to keep up with the competition.” He stresses the importance of using the information that is readily available for everyone on Youtube, Udemy or Google. Through dedication, and a desire to improve yourself, there is enough information out there to transform an average entrepreneur into a stellar one. It just takes determination and perseverance. 

Novel and unique SEO skills

Alejandro’s SEO skills are rare. Every time he publishes a new guide on his blog, his readers can’t wait to devour it. He can start a website and get 10k new visitors like it’s nothing. His expertise lies in building processes and frameworks that are highly scalable and that help attract the right audience through organic channels. The work he has been doing at Samsara, helping position it as a leader in IOT is evidence of this. He builds technical scripts and delegation workflows that make him highly efficient. For instance, he clusters keywords in a way that help him understand the entire Search Market and help him map out his content strategy. 

His latest project is Future Sharks, a website that features entrepreneurs from all walks of life and geographies, and provides them with a platform to reach 50k readers. Having grown Flux from $0 to $110k/month, Alejandro is ready to dominate any and every industry. He is working nonstop, to ensure that Flux becomes a worldwide brand, and transforms the world. 

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