Meet Ariel Adams: The Woman Behind A Successful Real Estate Business And A Groundbreaking Digital Product And Consulting Business

Ariel Adams is a 26-year-old businesswoman based in Virginia, who graduated from the University of Miami in 2016, where she earned a double degree in Business and Marketing. Today, she runs multiple successful businesses.

Ariel has a real estate business through which she helps Virginia-based clients list and sell their homes. She also runs a digital product and consulting business, through which she helps clients scale their businesses through one-on-one sessions and courses, sharing her own experience optimizing Instagram to grow a following and sell a product.

Shortly after college, I incorporated my first company, The Lotus Agency, which focused on entertainment management. I navigated through the music industry as an artist manager where I managed three artists under my tutelage. I successfully generated millions of streams on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube for my clients. My artists also appeared on networks such as BET Jams, REVOLT TV, and XXL, as well as many others.” Ariel shares.

While she ran The Lotus Agency, she handled all facets of the artists’ career including social media branding, music video logistics, and album releases. Around this time, Ariel went through her own personal finance journey and decided to shift gears.

“I was motivated to learn more about personal finance and sought insights from my multi-millionaire mentor, who successfully grew their own company from the ground up.” Ariel recounts. “This led me to start my business-related Instagram account (TheMoneyRealtor), which focuses on real estate, investment, and personal finance tips.”

Soon after, Ariel’s account gained notoriety with the success of a digital product, her e-book “From Instagram to Instant Money.” Moreover, articles started to be written about her in Yahoo Finance, Official Black Wall Street, and XoNecole. She was inspired to run her businesses by her need to develop multiple streams of income.

“I became a realtor to learn the ins and outs of real estate investing and to create more assets for myself. I want to be as educated as I can be on all things real estate.” Ariel adds. “I got into my digital product business because it creates an additional stream of income for me, and I can help other people create that for themselves too.”

Ariel found motivation in seeing acquaintances earn income online. She realized it was possible not just for her, but also for others to grow their own businesses and achieve financial freedom

“Seeing acquaintances online create multiple income streams inspired me to dive into new ventures. I like to give people value and train them on how to make money, especially for the black community as there is a known wealth gap. I advocate for financial education and business ownership, so I am motivated to teach others what I know.” Ariel says.

To achieve her success, Ariel made sure not to underestimate herself and to recognize her unique potential. For her, mindset is everything when starting a business.

You have to be motivated and driven to see success. Not only that, but you have to believe in yourself. As cliché as it sounds, many people do not have this belief. People tend to overestimate the competition and underestimate their abilities. People are better than they think.” Ariel stresses.

But most importantly, Ariel’s main advice to people trying to start their own business is to don’t put it off and just do it. 

“Start today. Stop making excuses. Stop procrastinating. Just do it. If you start a business you’ll be better off than most people. You can’t expect to get rich if you’re afraid to take risks. However, I would say make sure you have 6 months of saved expenses before you start, so you have that added security.” Ariel exclaims.

At the moment, Ariel is focused on launching her new course titled Digital Products to Six Figure Profits, in which she outlines a step-by-step guide to how she earned $50,000 in just 45 days with a digital product.

“The course consists of three modules: 1. Branding Like a Boss (a guide to branding like the Top 100 companies) 2. Digital Selling Playbook (the tactics I used to make $50,000 in 45 days selling through social media) and 3. Social Media Selling (Optimizing Instagram and Twitter to sell easily).” Ariel explains.

This course will be released in mid-August. Ariel is also working on designing a free masterclass on how to turn passion and experience into a profitable digital product. All of these efforts contribute to her main goal to help others achieve success.

For Ariel, success is being happy, which is tied to having enough time to be with her family, to work on herself, and to positively impact people through her work. She wants others to be able to achieve this too.

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