Meet The Young Pennsylvania Entrepreneur Who’s Breaking Six-Figure Months Using E-Commerce

The Pennsylvania business scene is exploding with talent, from serial entrepreneurs and investors who have been building companies for years to a crop of young founders who are embarking on their first startups.

In fact, some of the new companies on the east coast are being built by people who are in their 20s and 30s. Kyle Karsch is living proof of that.

“I was always interested in the finest things, a lavish lifestyle. Growing up, I realized at a young age that money is freedom, and quickly I started working towards that freedom when I was 13, flipping sneakers.”

That is the bedrock upon which Kyle Karsch, a millennial entrepreneur and a noted leader of his generation, built his venture in the business world.

His focus and motivation have lead him to success but it has come with a lot of sacrifice and work from missing events to family reunions but for Kyle it has all been worth it.

Kyle not only is a successful e-commerce business owner but also uses his experience to inspire and help others his main tips to upcoming business owners are to believe in yourself and take risks. Also, to find a mentor to guide you and always have in mind your purpose.

He started to invest in e-commerce and to begin to sell products online since he turned 17 because he understood that the future of business was there.

“I Started my first Shopify store a month out of high school, couldn’t even afford the $39.99 monthly subscription, and I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew the only way to figure it out was to get started and take action,” said Kyle.

He acquired his success in great part thanks to his mindset. In his own words: “Without the right mindset, you will eventually flop & fail,” he shared with us.

Fast forward to now, the young entrepreneur is owning not only the Pennsylvania scene but also the e-commerce across the country. Kyle is a frequent at the top mastermind and networking e-commerce event, having previously traveled to Las Vegas and Tampa to meet with the top entrepreneurs across the country.

Looking forward into the future, Kyle Karsch is looking to inspire others and continuing to life live, the only way he knows how: his own terms.

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