The 25 Best Places To Retire In 2019

Even for the we’ll-do-it-our-way Baby Boom generation, retirement usually involves two big life changes: less income and more freedom (to live where you want and do what you please). That’s why so many folks at least consider moving in retirement, even if they ultimately end up staying put. And it’s also why Forbes’ list of The Best Places To Retire in 2019 focuses on places that offer both affordability and a high quality of life.

Our new roster, our ninth annual such list, contains 25 places in 17 states across all four continental time zones. These communities vary dramatically by size, climate and culture. Yes, the majority are in warmer climates—in line with actual retirement migration trends. (Five of our picks are in Florida, and two each in Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and Texas.) But we also identify attractive possibilities in colder locales, such as Minnesota, North Dakota and Pennsylvania.


To see the complete list, click on the nearby picture above or go here. The list is in alphabetical order. Thus, every entry is in a tie for No. 1. and Athens, Ga., is as meritorious in our view as Winchester, Va.

What these 25 varied places have in common is that they offer excellent retirement value for the buck in the continental U.S. (If you’re looking for something more exotic, consider our recent list of the Best Places To Retire Abroad.)


This article originally appeared on Forbes