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The New Lingerie Brand To Know: LIVY

The French lingerie brand, LIVY is a passion project for its founder, Lisa Chavy. Having worked at some prominent French fashion houses she only set up her ultra-sexy lingerie and RTW label in 2017. Since then it’s gone from strength to strength and is available in top-tier retailers such as Le Bon Marché, Bergdorf Goodman, Galeries Lafayette and Neiman Marcus.

Buyers and customers alike have recognized the quality that goes hand in hand with LIVY as Lisa works with the most prestigious French manufacturers, Sophie Halette and Noyon. They bring to life silhouettes that are classic yet contemporary and to add some extra je ne sais quoi, she uses only the most luxurious of laces which evidently have a universal appeal. There’s really something for every woman as the collection is made up of three lines, ‘PARIS’ defined as sexy, chic and mysterious, ‘NEW YORK’ which is graphic and bold and then there’s ‘L.A.’ a more laid-back category, reflective of the west coast attitude.

How did your brand come about? After spending 15 years working in the lingerie industry, in which 5 years were spent with the most prestigious luxury brands, such as Kenzo, Christian Lacroix, and Galliano, I felt that it was time for me to launch my own personal project. LIVY is a story of passion; one of my favorite quotes is, ‘she designed a life she loved’ which perfectly captures the essence of my brand.

I wanted to go beyond the traditional frontiers and create the first truly global lingerie brand. I set about creating a collective of designers in order to enrich the brand with a mix of cultures and ideas, different backgrounds and visions; my favorite way to work is collaboratively and to guide those around me to fulfill my dreams for LIVY.

I wanted LIVY to be young and modern, but also urban, so I launched with three different ranges which make up the LIVY collection; Paris, New York, and Los Angeles. Also, I wanted to create a brand that is luxurious but also affordable. Lingerie tends to be either mass market or very expensive and my aim has always been to mirror the successes of affordable luxury RTW brands such as Sandro or Maje. In order to gain instant acclaim, I knew that I needed support from a global name in the industry and I have been lucky enough to partner with the president of Etam.

Why lingerie? Lingerie has always fascinated me because it is very intimate, in direct contact with a female’s body and so close to a woman’s feelings. Lingerie is guessed without being seen and is a secret that only women can choose to reveal. I believe that lingerie should be a reflection of a woman’s spirit or state of mind at that given moment. Lingerie is the first garment that a woman chooses in the morning and the last piece that she removes at night. A woman’s choice of lingerie reveals the relationship that she has with her body; the confidence that she possesses in her sexuality and her life. Even if it is most often hidden, it is a key element to a woman’s femininity and empowerment.

What are the cornerstones of your brand? Intended for modern women, LIVY is an expression of a female’s multiple spirits; powerful, independent, smart, connected, sexy, ambitious, daring and alive! A woman can be in the mood for high fashion one day and the next see them opt for comfort; I wanted to design a collection that offers something for everyone. The three chosen cities perfectly capture a woman’s different tastes and styles; we have the sexy and mysterious Paris, the bold and graphic New York and the athletic, chilled Los Angeles.

The key is in the fabrics and techniques; we mix tradition and modernity offering a contrasting yet instantly recognizable brand signature. We design lingerie that a woman wants to be seen, not hidden underneath clothing. Vintage and thermo-fused finishes, laser-cut detailing and the most delicate Calais lace are blended to create a collection that constantly pushes the boundaries. Back designs, side clasps and ribbon are all seen in a unique fashion which perfectly marries the digital and physical realms of design.

We are constantly seeking out ways to differentiate the brand; it is about partnering sensuality with high fashion, allowing the wearer to revel in a newly empowered sense of self.

What was on your mood board for the current collection? I am heavily influenced by art and architecture and work towards designing stunning silhouettes. This season has seen me explore the ideas behind how lingerie can act as a second skin; nude mesh, laser-cuts, knots, braiding, bold graphic lines, layered embroidery, and monowires are expertly intertwined to create a modern, urban range for every woman. One of our best-sellers sees a tattoo design of a Bengal tiger adorn a body suit, soft bras, and briefs.

How are you finding the U.K. market? The U.K. is a real creative hub and the British market is clearly open to emerging talent. The British consumer likes to be educated about a brand’s values and ethos before committing to a sale; they are savvy and extremely knowledgeable within the digital retail world. When I look at British female icons, they are feminine, sexy and intriguing; from the likes of Kate Moss to Vivien Westwood, they are trailblazers in their own right and have always inspired me. We were delighted that our pop-up at Selfridges was such a success – for us, being able to interact with our new customers is what retail is all about – we thrive on feedback and can adapt easily for new territories. The British style continues to fascinate me – daring and personality driven. A British woman is not afraid to wear color in the way that some Parisians can be – my recent trip to London reaffirmed my notion that British style is as eclectic as it is sexy!

This article originally appeared on  Forbes