Barak Sky’s Tips On Succeeding in Real Estate: Build Trust, Be Ethical, Don’t be a Salesperson

Being part of the real estate market is one of the toughest professions to work in and to be a part of, especially when you look at the complexity that are customers. There’s plenty of wondering and questioning by customers, and trust can sometimes be the biggest barrier between customer and realtor. For customers, there are so many realtors, they have so many questions, and there is so much information to know about. How will they survive?

Barak Sky has created a real estate world where his past and present clients can attest to his honest and direct approach to getting things done. This approach, along with providing multiple options for clients to evaluate and choose from, has made Mr. Sky one of the most intriguing and popular real estate agents in the DC, Virginia, Maryland region.

But what separates Barak from other realtors? Building trust and being more of a navigator than a salesperson is the answer. Sky says that customers are not looking for someone to sell them a home, but instead, someone who can help them navigate through the layers and layers of information and processes that comes with buying a home. He says that it’s very important to educate and empower people who are looking to purchase a home. Customers are not looking for someone to be pushy and pressing.

Sky also emphasizes how it’s very important to level with people and be honest with them when a home or situation is not a right fit for them. The key there is to get to know the customers well enough to understand what is and isn’t a good fit.

This whole strategy has so far worked well for Barak. He is part of Realtor Magazine’s 30 under 30 Top Realtors List – a national award given to 30 realtors under the age of 30 who exemplify dynamic, innovated and community-serving traits. Another part of Barak success is understanding the area he has done so well in. Sky, originally from Pennsylvania, moved to Bethesda, Maryland at a young age and has made the DC, Maryland, Virginia area ever since. In fact, he attended American University in Washington D.C. and attributes attending the university for his initial success in realty.

Barak finished his college career at American with a degree in Finance but it was the contacts and relationships he made in school that help spark his initial success in the competitive world of real estate.